One Break Coming Up

Writen by: Hank Wethington

Posted on 01 May 2009

As any parent of a boy probably already knows, it’s not a matter of “if” just “when” you will make a visit to the local ER. Today was our turn. Hayden was at school and running during PE when he fell. The fall didn’t hurt him… A kid, following closely, tripped over him and in an effort to stop the kid from falling on him, Hayden raided his hand to hold him up, only his wrist did not handle the impact with strength and grace. In Hayden’s words “It felt like getting hit with a sledge hammer and the crack was loud!”

Sitting in hospital, he described his arm as wormy, you know, like a worm.

Wormy Arm

Wormy Arm

He handled the pain and the situation really well. Prior to setting his arm, he was all hooked up to monitors and then they used an interesting drug to put him to sleep for just a short time.

I'm all hooked up.

I'm all Hooked Up

It took an amazing amount of the drug, considering that Hayden only weighs about 70 lbs. Not only was he given a decent amount of the drug, but while sedated, he moved a lot. Man, that kid is strong. I helped by trying to keep his legs still, but it was so hard to watch and be part of. I ended up a little flushed and the nurses got concerned I might be the next patient. I sat down after his arm was set and the nurse handed me some oxygen.

When all was said and done, his cast was on and he still had a great attitude. The set looked good in the second x-rays, but we’ll have an appointment with an orthopedist next week to see whats next for Hayden. A big thank you to all the Nurses and Doctors involved today. The ER is never a fun place to be, but it can be made a lot worse by bad doctors and nurses.

Wrapped and Ready

Wrapped and Ready

He’ll get a real case next week, so if you’re around, please make sure and sign his cast, I know he’s looking forward to that.

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  • grammy says:

    Hayden, We were sorry to hear about your broken arm. we will come to sign your cast next weekend. Hope you had a nice birthday party inspite of your broken arm. Love you, Grammy & Grandpa

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