Week 4 – Couch to 5k

Writen by: Hank Wethington

Posted on 20 March 2010

I’ve decided to switch to a weekly recap of the Couch to 5k training, hope that keeps down the chatter between Facebook and such. I’m using a new program RoadRunnerGPS with my BlackBerry and it’s charting each run if you’re interested, link posted after each day.

In my last post, I commented how week 4 in the Couch to 5k plan was really confusing, so I modified it as I began the week. Tuesday run was done during my lunch at work. We’re not far from a running/biking trail and it was certainly a welcome brake from a really tough day. I knew I was going to be at work late, so I brought everything with me for my run and it paid off. As I said, it was a welcome break, but it was also very warm, the warmest day I’ve run yet. The plan was 5min, 3min, 3min, 5min with 90 second walks in between. Totaled 3.8k in 30 minutes.

A warm days run in SLO

Thursday I was back to running in the evening, taking both Harrison and Hailey out on the run with me. I ran the same plan as Tuesday, but ran just a little longer on the last 5 min run. Harrison cracked me up near the end as he was cheering me on while riding his bike. Another 3.8k in 30 min.

Today, Saturday, has been my best run yet, 4 x 5min runs with 90sec walks. It’s also the longest run yet. However, I had a tough time with Hailey. I felt like I was dragging her the entire run, and it’s very evident in my pace. Not sure she’s entirely responsible, but it was discouraging. Not sure if I’m going to keep bringing her if she continues to make it hard on my run. Total of 4k (ok, 3.95) but it took longer, when 20 min was running. Typically, all runs start and end with a 5 min walk.

All in all, I’m feeling much better each day. My shins aren’t hurting nearly as much. The cardio improvement is starting to show on the basketball court (I play M-W-F at lunch and city league Monday nights) and I’ve even lost some weight. I’m even starting to look forward to the Miracle Miles for Kids 10k (still time to sponsor me!).

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