My (no longer) Secret Toffee Recipe

Writen by: Hank Wethington

Posted on 16 December 2014

Since I stopped making toffee a couple of years back, there’s been a lot of requests to “just make one more.” In an effort to share the magic, here’s my no longer secret recipe. It was never a secret to begin with, as it’s based on making it “the old-fashioned way.”

1 lbs Raw Sugar*
1 lbs of salted butter
1/4 cup of water.
*You can use granulated sugar in place of the raw. However, the raw sugar imparts a nutty, more mature flavor. My survey when I started making toffee showed a preference of 4-1 for the raw sugar variety.

Place ingredients into a stainless steel Qt pan. The sugar and butter mixture will rise and bubble, so it needs room.

Save the butter paper and use it to lightly grease a small aluminum sheet pan. Set aside, but not too far away, as you’ll be pouring the very hot sugar and butter slurry into this pan.

Using a candy thermometer, while stirring continuously, bring the mixture to 308 F. This will take 45 minutes to an hour. When making candy, I suggest using a long rubber spatula and not metal.

At 308 F, immediately remove from heat and pour into a sheet pan.

Let the finished toffee cool completely.

When the toffee has cooled completely, I suggest using a clean cotton towel to remove the excess fat/grease from both sides of the toffee, this will help when enrobing with chocolate.

When cooled and cleaned, break up the toffee into the perfect size pieces. You probably wont be ready for chocolate at this stage, unless you planned really well, so make sure the toffee goes into an airtight container. Sugar loves moister, and this will make it chewy and sticky. Both are things that are bad, in my opinion, when it comes to toffee.

Hand-dip each piece into your favorite tempered chocolate and place on parchment paper to harden.


A quick and easy version suitable for a family gathering and to be eaten that day, make the toffee like above. In the lightly butter the pan, dump your favorite chocolate chips and spread them out. Dump the hot toffee over the chips. Let it cool. Break and enjoy. Even if you put it in an airtight container, it’ll start getting sticky/chewy pretty quickly. It’ll only last a day or two. It won’t look amazing, but it’ll taste amazing.

Note: If you decide you want to make larger batches, scale the water accordingly as well. While this is a recipe, making hard candy is a bit of a science. There are any number of issues that can occur and may require additional research.

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