We Need Car Control

Writen by: Hank Wethington

Posted on 09 January 2011

I’m pretty convinced that gun control is not the answer. We need car control.

In 2003, vehicle related incidents;

  • 42,636 people killed
  • 2,900,000 people injured

Compare to 2007 gun related incidents;

  • 16,750 suicides
  • 11,624 homicides
  • 649 unintentional shootings

Personally, I’m tired of people and their inability to drive. In CA, we get 40+ car pileups due to fog. In VA, just yesterday, a 52 car pileup from 1 inch of snow! Do your own Google search for pileups. We have road rage incidents, general parking stupidity,  and just plain malaise about driving around in a large killing machine.

As I haven’t lived anywhere else, I can only speak to California drivers and we have some amazing stupid drivers. Forget cell phones laws… I don’t think the majority of drivers know who gets the right of way at a 4-way stop! In California, you take a written test, maybe, every 10 years? You take 1 driving test when you’re 16-17? I think it’s time for something more.

As you can tell, I’m very frustrated. As a motorcycle rider, it’s dangerous out there. I know that. However, even as a runner, the general inability of people to drive is gonna get me killed.

Here’s my top 5 driver pet peeves:

#5. Driving significantly under the speed limit, only to accelerate when there’s a chance to pass. You make me want to have missiles on my car!
#4. Not looking right, when turning right. You’re only concerned with on coming traffic. How about those runners, walkers, kids on bikes!
#3. Braking mid-turn. You should set your entry speed, then slightly accelerate through the turn.
#2. Flipping me off, when you’re in the wrong. OK, this isn’t really an issue of driving, but seriously, if you made the mistake, what are you flipping me off for?
And my Number 1 Driving Pet Peeve!
#1. Lane merge line jumpers. There’s a special place in hell for you. Move over, like everyone else. Your effort to move a few more cars ahead, is going to cause everyone else to slam on their brakes causing even more delays.

What are your thoughts? Are we doing enough for drivers? What are your driving pet peeves?

2 responses to We Need Car Control

  • Preach it Brother! I often think people know the Law, but choose to ignore it. This is cynical, but some people just don’t care (Me-First Mentality). Thanks for the tech support yesterday.

  • living in LA it is the worst….the drivers are enough to make you yell some serious obscenities

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