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Writen by: Hank Wethington

Posted on 13 January 2011

What attracts you to someone? I know what I like, but I’m curious about what you like. Is it physical? Is it an attitude? Is it something hard to explain? In general, it would seem for guys it’s a physical thing; “I like legs!” Where for ladies it can be physical, “I like his eyes,” but also to the ethereal, “I like the way he’s so confident.”

To start you off, I like nerdy girls. It’s not a blond thing, brunette thing, or anything in between. I like a girl who is comfortable with her brilliance and sometimes, social awkwardness. Some of my favorite celeb types… Kaylee from Firefly, and PK Tech Girl from Farscape. But of course, my favorite nerd of all is my wife!

Oh yeah, and kudos to whoever figures out the title of this post, without Google!

7 responses to Fnet = m * a

  • I go for looks exclusively.

  • Ruth, overall looks? Chest? Butt? Be more specific please.

    April, thought you might like that. But what are you attracted to?

  • Yes! I confirmed my status as a nerdy girl 🙂 This is attractive to me: you need a sincere smile, the ability to make me laugh, and the ability to laugh at my jokes, though they can be rather lame at times. Lucky for me, you have all three!

  • hooks, eyepatches… peg legs.

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