Hurt and Frustrated

Writen by: Hank Wethington

Posted on 30 May 2013

Well, yes, but it’s simpler than that. I’m hurt. Not emotionally, just physically. Last week I strained my left calf muscle.

calf-strainThe strain was one thing, but the muscle deciding to knot up 3 hours later, multiple times, was enough to get me to do something drastic… Call a doctor. Hence the frustration. There’s nothing that can be done. Normal recovery pattern; RICE treatment, don’t re-injure, plan on no running for 4 weeks, blah blah blah. GAH. I’m a triathlete. I can’t just sit around and do nothing. My body is used to pushing itself 5-6 days/week. There are goals this year. I’m missing races. But mostly, I’m just frustrated sitting and limping.

The good news is I plan on getting into the pool tomorrow to see how swimming goes. As long as I keep myself from pushing off the wall with my left leg, I should be OK. However, the pool is where I tend to encounter muscle cramping issues, so I’m a little nervous. Not just about my time in the pool, but the hours after. I can also bike. Sorta. A stationary bike without clips, so I can push with the heel and not flex my left foot. All these limits.

When you’re injured, how do you handle it? For those of you that have lost significant weight, how do you deal with an injury and not put weight back on?

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