Running, Lakers, and Work! Oh My!

Writen by: Hank Wethington

Posted on 24 May 2010

It’s true, it’s been a little crazy. I was going to start off saying “It’s obvious I’ve been busy as I haven’t posted in over a month,” but then I looked at my post history and it’s not so obvious… at least not yet. I’ve tried to keep the posts coming, and I’m sure if I looked back over the month, there were opportunities, but time to write hasn’t been as easy to come by this past month. Running has been pretty key to keeping me sane, the Lakers are in the playoffs and I got to go to a game, and work… well, work has been tough.

When it comes to running, I can’t say I enjoy it yet. However, I can say that sometimes it’s the only thing between me and a bottle of Jack. I’ve gotten to the point in my runs, where I can get into a grove. Ok, on most runs I can get into a grove. After the Miracle Miles 4 Kids, I just kept going. I still needed my “graduation” 5k for the Couch to 5k program and I’m running at the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival this upcoming weekend. My goal has been to still run 3x per week for 3 miles, but I’m only averaging 2 runs per week. As many have commented on my Facebook posts, at least I’m out there. Some highs: I completed my longest run yet at 4 miles back on May 6th. It felt great. I was surprised I was able to do it and more shocked that it wasn’t as hard as I thought. But then there’s the lows. I had my worst run since starting the program just one week later. I couldn’t complete the 3 miles, not only stopping to walk, but just plain unable to finish. It wasn’t due to an injury or muscles, just a will. I’m still excited about running, but need to think of a new goal after the 5k this weekend.

I can’t say I’ve posted to much about my being a Lakers fan, but if you’re reading my blog, you probably already know that. What you didn’t know, is in that I became a fan when I was 8 years old… Magic Johnson’s rookie year. Yes, I’m a true fan… I was a fan even during the brutal years of Van Exel and Divac. But it does make it easy to be a fan when in those years they’ve won 9 championships! However, with as much as I’ve loved the Lakers over the years, I’ve never been to a game. That changed thanks to a vendor at work.

I was in LA for the 2nd game of the Suns v. Lakers last Wednesday. As you can imagine, it was awesome. Not sure how to put it all into words, but it was great. The seats were amazing, the game was incredible, and getting to take time off from work was just icing on the cake. I can say though that I would never fork over the cash for those types of seats. Even where we sat, the game is more viewable on my TV. Don’t get me wrong… If you offered me tickets to see another game, I’m there… I just won’t pay for it myself. I did have to go with my boss, which made it interesting since he isn’t a Lakers fan, but even that was good.

So yeah, work. Blogging about work has always been pretty much off limits. For one thing, people whom are mentioned, even if not by name, may read it. I’m emotional and don’t always have nice things to say. Secondly, future employers may read it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put my name into Google and stumble upon this blog. And finally, we all have jobs, and most of the time, we’re not happy about them, so who wants to read another complaint about work. Heck, if you’re out of work when you read this, then maybe you say to yourself I should appreciate what I have. Which, is true.

This past month though has been a struggle. I’ve been challenged and pushed and didn’t always come out of it the way I wanted. I spent many days agitated and frustrated about what I had to do, often just to appease someone. In the end, everything worked out the way I thought it would, but getting there meant a return to 60+ hour weeks. Looking behind me now, I can be happy I’m done. I know I did a good job and I even learned a few things about myself. There’s some more challenges to come, but, hopefully, I can take some of these lessons and make the journey a little nicer.

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